Beliefs are just thoughts that you keep thinking … change your reality!

Your beliefs are powerful. Make them work for you.

This was the topic of the first Cambridge pharma businesswomen’s meeting organised under the banner of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) London chapter ( Sonja Kirschner from APower3 Coaching ( gave a fantastic and inspirational talk enabling 50 women working in the healthcare industry in the Cambridge area to truly understand how to tap into our amazing potential by challenging our beliefs and changing our reality.

I am proud to be one of the co-founders of this group and together with Karen Godbold (Pfizer), Cecile Matthews (Charles River Associates), Jenny Horwood (Pfizer), Toyin Kasali (MedImmune), Sarah Gardner (Mundipharma) and Sarah Hopkins (GSK) we exceeded expectations and actually reached capacity in the room. Feedback on the evening has been overwhelmingly positive and has reinforced the need for a networking group to continue in the Cambridge area, but it was also universally agreed that we had set a very high benchmark with Sonja as our first speaker!

The HBA is a fabulous global organisation that has encouraged and supported us all to make the evening such a success and I would encourage anyone working within the healthcare industry to have a look at the membership benefits. There are HBA groups all over the world running events like last night but also there is a great annual conference where you can network over two days and come away feeling truly empowered!

If you would like more details on getting involved with the Cambridge group , have ideas for future speakers or would just like to be informed of future events please do email me at

…… and to the ladies that attended last night…….. What is your intent today?……5..4..3..2..1……..Just do it!!


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