We’re Beating The Superbugs!

Superbugs kill more than 1.5 million people around the world every year and leave millions more unwell. But the good news is, we can stop them! Our team at Page Medical are attempting to raise £1k for Stop Superbug's 'School-in-a-Box' partner project in Tanzania. Over ten days in April, we will be undertaking 18 unique challenges representing the 18 identified superbugs. A donation, no matter the size, helps make a real difference to communities around the world while reducing the global threat of superbugs!

What’s the challenge?

Get to know us!


Un-Fitness Guru

I’m Debbie and I look after the whole Page Medical Team. To kickstart my anti-lockdown fitness drive I have signed up to the plank challenge where at the end of April I will be attempting a 5 minute plank. I have also signed up for the team running 18k in a day and of course I will be providing my baking bug offering. Please support us and this excellent initiative.



I’m Andy and until lockdown I was managing our physical events at Page Medical. As a very different challenge I am going to building a different bird box every day for a week to encourage the bird population and then I have also signed up for the cycling, eating and baking challenges – I am going to be very busy!



Hi, I’m Hannah and I am the e-Learning Manager here at Page Medical. I’ve been working here for about 2 years now and I’m looking forward to joining in with the challenges! I’ll be doing the ‘don’t speak for 24 hours’ challenge (which my colleagues are really looking forward to!) and the baking, cooking, and art group challenges.



Hi I’m Charley and I’m part of the e-Learning team at Page Medical! My challenge is to master a new skill (learning to draw digital art) and, as all the best things begin with C, I will be joining the cooking, cycling and craft group challenges too!


Tofu Wizard

Hey! I’m Milly and I’m on the accounts team here at Page Medical. I’m going to be attempting going vegan for one week, as well as doing the group running challenge, chubby bunny challenge and 20k calorie challenge. I’m excited to get started and raise money for an important cause!


Hot Wheels

Hi, I’m Ruth and I’ve been part of the Page Medical journey since September last year. I will be roller skating, baking and crafting as part of our 18 challenges! Looking forward to getting my skates on!


Jumping Bean

Hi! I’m Hayley, I have been with Page Medical for just over 6 months and I am a member of the Accounts Team. For my solo challenge, I will be picking my skipping ropes up after 5 years to do 10,000 skips in 7 days. I will also be doing a number of the group challenges including the running challenge. It’s going to be a fun but exhausting 10 days.


Dog Whisperer

Hey everyone, I’m Harry and I’ve been part of the Page Medical team for nearly 6 months now. My challenge is to teach a pet (my dog Bruno) a new trick and alongside this I will be taking part in some of the group challenges – including running and baking. Should be a lot of fun, looking forward to getting started.


Good Boy

I am Bruno.



Hello! I’m Nav and I’ve just joined the e-Learning team here at Page Medical. I’m going to be doing the 24 hour no sleep challenge and a load of group challenges including the cooking and art challenge, so a bit of everything! Can’t wait to get started!


Nature Newbie

Hi! I’m Vicky and I’m the newest member of the team at here at Page Medical. I’m going to be doing the 24 hour nature challenge as well as 3 of the group challenges! Looking forward to enjoying the produce of the Page Medical Bake-Off!

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Why are we doing this?

Research has shown that one of the most effective ways to stop superbugs in low- and middle-income countries is through education.

With that in mind, BSAC has launched School-in-a-box – a way to lend a hand to schools who are doing great work… but are desperately lacking resources.

They don’t need anything fancy – just the sort of kit many of us take for granted: a laptop, projector, printer, and stationery. Basic, but transformative tools that’ll fit inside a big cardboard box.

BSAC has already set up and run three hugely successful ‘AMR clubs’ in schools in the Dodoma Region of Tanzania, teaching school children about superbugs in a fun and creative setting.

That’s where Page Medical comes in. With your help, we aim to raise £1000 to provide transformative equipment to these Schools and also tackle the global threat of superbugs.

For £1000 we can provide education to approximately 150 children for a year. That comes to around £6 to educate a child, or £20 to educate three children for a year!

A donation to Stop Superbugs, no matter the size, helps make a real difference to communities around the world while reducing the global threat of superbugs!

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