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30 April 2021

Debbie, Harry, Ruth, Hayley, Hannah, Charley, Vicky, and Nav

To top off our fundraising challenge, we did a spot of baking. The brief was to bake something Microbe related. Watch the video below to see how we get on!

Debbie, Harry, Hayley, and Milly

The running team at Page Medical have also smashed their 18K running target!

Charley and Andy

Charley and Andy have smashed their cycling challenge target of 100K! Well done guys!


For Charley’s challenge, she’s been learning how to do digital art! Watch her video below to see her seriously impressive skills!

29 April 2021


It’s time for the long awaited nature challenge from Vicky! She’s pulled out her inner David Attenborough and Steve Backshall to get us this incredible nature challenge. Watch it below, it’s not one to miss! Also we’re almost wrapping up on these challenges, but that doesn’t mean we stop donating!

Milly, Harry, and Andy

The team are stuffed after their 20K calorie challenge! Harry racked up an impressive 7800, Andy consumed an impressive 8500, and Milly topped it off with 4300! That’s a total of 20600 Calories!


It’s been a tiring week but I finally managed my 10,000 skips! Thanks for following my journey and the rest of the teams journey too, please donate on our Just giving!

28 April 2021

Hannah, Charley, Vicky, Harry, and Nav

We all had a fun time doing this challenge, though we realised that some people definitely had it easier than others (we’ll allow Iceland chicken Harry). Why not try this at home yourselves? We’re almost wrapping up the challenges but that doesn’t mean that the donating should stop!

27 April 2021


Its the final day of Andy’s construction challenge and he’s rounded it off with two standard bird boxes waiting for their prospective home owners!

26 April 2021


Not birdboxes, but Andy had some wood left over so he made these bug hotels for Day 4 of his challenge! Thanks for keeping track of our challenges! We’ve got a lot more to come for our second week!


To wrap up my 5 days of being Vegan, I had a pretty boring breakfast and lunch, just leftovers. But for dinner, I treated myself to a Vegan pizza! Thanks for following my vegan journey for the past 5 days, its been quite an experience! Keep following the rest of the teams challenges here, we have a lot more to look forward to this week!

25 April 2021


For this challenge I had to follow one of Bob Ross’ episodes of ‘The Joy of Painting’ (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then check it out, very therapeutic). Anyway, enjoy this timelapse, I’m quite pleased with this result, might do another one just for fun! Don’t forget to donate to our Justgiving page, we can do it!


Hey guys, enjoy this video of me slowly sinking into delirium for my 24 hour no sleep challenge. I’ll be honest, a lot of it was just me sitting in from of my TV playing games, so not much different from an average night in the Nav household! Please donate!


For Day 3, of Andy’s challenge, he made a sparrow hotel! There’s space in here for three nests, for these sociable birds!

24 April 2021


All is very quiet in Chatter-box Hannah’s corner… Watch her sponsored silence below! Please donate on our Justgiving page, we’re now a quarter of the way there!

Charley, Hannah, Hayley, Ruth, and Nav

We all loved getting our creative hats on for the group art challenge! We’ve set up a poll on twitter @pagemedical so you can vote for your favourite microbe and have it crowned as the group art champion! Please donate to support #stopsuperbugs, every little bit helps!


Vegan challenge days 3 and 4! Day 3 was a day of leftovers which didn’t make an exciting video, but for dinner on day 4, I jumped on the bandwagon of the viral TikTok baked feta cheese pasta recipe! Only one day left! Don’t forget to donate!


For Day 2, Andy made a woodpecker box! but it looks like we have a squatter in there…not a woodpecker!

23 April 2021


Hi! After almost 6 years, I am picking up my ropes to Stop Superbugs. It hadn’t crossed my mind how tricky this would be. It was a ropey start but I am now halfway! Jump onto the donate page to support this great cause (puns intended). Stay tuned for part 2.


Hello everyone, for the Day 1 of my construction challenge, I made two swift boxes, with the one on the right looking like it’s already had some visitors. Thanks for visiting our website and keeping track of the teams challenges, please don’t forget to donate to our cause!

22 April 2021


Hey everyone! It took a bit of patience (and a LOT of treats), but we managed to teach an old dog a new trick. Bruno is really excited to show you what he’s been learning, so take a look below (and remember to donate!).


Day 2 of my vegan challenge! Breakfast was the same as yesterday, lunch was (obviously) leftover vegan chilli, and for dinner I went with another bean recipe…vegan fajitas! Please donate to our cause by donating to our Justgiving page, and stay tuned for more of our challenges!

Harry, Hayley. Milly. and Nav

Hey everyone! We had loads of fun doing the Chubby Bunny challenge, with a ~microbial twist~. We hope you found it somewhat educational, but mainly entertaining. Try to beat Nav’s score at home, he reckons no one can come close! Don’t forget to donate to the School-in-a-Box cause, just a few quid will provide much needed equipment to help educate children in Tanzania!

21 April 2021


Hey guys! I really enjoyed learning these 8 moves on the skates! For someone who is completely new to skating (with just over a month of learning), I’ve been working hard to build my confidence on wheels. Please support this great cause by donating, and watch out for that jump!


Hey guys, welcome to day 1 of my vegan challenge! Today I kept it simple for breakfast and lunch, before attempting a vegan chilli for dinner.. take a look to see how it went! Don’t forget to donate to our cause, every little helps!

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