Key Area 1

Communications strategy

The first phase of this project is a communications strategy workshop where we can work together to devise the strategy and crucially define the outcomes and impact that the campaigns need to generate.


Through the workshop we will be defining your stakeholders and mapping out what you would like each stakeholder group to:


Key Area 2

Visibility of ESPGHAN

Patient Studies

ESPGHAN can produce talking heads of parents and healthcare professionals discussing the key decision making points of the case, such as obstacles and solutions.

These talking heads can be hosted centrally, produced in conjunction with local societies and then the content repurposed for the following:

• Social media stories

• Healthcare professional press

• National press

• Educational resources for junior healthcare professionals as teaching aids

This a talking head that is being used in the current MOOC. We would look to extend these to provide a full gallery of patient resources.

Media Resource Kit

To provide clarity over the value of ESPGHAN and to consolidate the key messages, we would produce a variety of tools and resources tailored specifically for journalists reporting on paediatric disorders.
This could include:

1. The Talking Heads, as mentioned above.

2. Downloadable infographics highlighting the national and international importance of PGHAN.

3. Expert Database which will feature key member experts who are willing to share their own experiences and research interests.

4. Patient Database which will include “expert” parents who are willing to share experiences.

5. Podcasts with experts discussing the key communication objective areas edited as digestible content for journalists to link to with summaries provided.

Key Performance Indicators

ESPGHAN current influencer profile to be monitored monthly

Key Area 3


European Day of Paediatric Nutrition

This could be an annual event linking up with organisations across Europe and a focus for political lobbying
A framework programme will be developed alongside a toolkit of downloadable resources but crucially a pledging campaign to individualise actions.

The pledging campaign for 2023 would be:

The pledges would be monitored and as used as a KPI for the success of the campaign.

Key Area 4

Promotion of Guidelines

Product Profiles

Page Medical can turn the guidelines into product profiles bringing them to life by explaining context and value in real work situations.

An example of this is the work that we undertook for the Paediatric Infection Pathway series

Turning this….

…into this…

… and achieving fantastic engagement and interest from social and traditional media.

Key Area 5

Annual meeting

Page Medical are very experienced in the promotion of annual conferences and can work with your conference organisers to provide promotional materials and with the conference committee to devise newsworthy material for dissemination through social , paid and traditional channels.

Key Area 6

Educational initiatives

Education is a core part of the business at Page Medical and not only are we experts in developing innovative and engaging education we are also experts at promotion.

We would work with the subject matter experts to produce thought leadership pieces to encourage brand loyalty and increase the reach of all of the initiatives.


This would form the hub of all of the ESPGHAN education and would encourage a community of learners. This could be officially launched at the next conference and courses could be developed here which were a mix of education (free) and training (paid for courses)

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