Page Medical have worked extensively with a wide multidisciplinary group of stakeholders in the UK and across Europe and are uniquely placed to advise on all aspects of your tactical and strategic plan

From antimicrobial resistance through to diagnostic driven strategies, the infection environment for drugs, devices, tests and services is constantly changing. Our unrivalled network of key stakeholders are available to be involved in medical /marketing research activities to shape the commercial offering of products and services into value propositions that will resonate within the current and future healthcare environment. Do you want to truly understand the VALUE of your intervention within the INFECTION patient pathway?

Contact us today to discuss the ways of understanding the true “value” of your intervention within the patient pathway.

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Ways in which we have helped recent clients

  • Multidisciplinary value proposition advisory boards
  • Landscaping reports
  • 1:1 focussed environmental market research interviews
  • Patient focus groups
  • Cost effectiveness models
  • Medical Writing services
  • Strategic insight reports
  • Strategic consultancy

All of our marketing projects are overseen by Debbie Cockayne who has worked extensively in Sales and Marketing roles in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years and is the founder of Page Medical. She has been at the forefront of national and international infection programmes such as OPAT and Antibiotic Action as well as guiding many new products and services to gain market traction in the UK and globally.

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