Discussing Vaborem▼ (meropenem/vaborbactam) - the what, where and why - US and UK experience.

Thursday 4th March 2021


Meeting chair: Prof. Alistair Leanord


4th March 2021
17:00 Introduction and Epidemiology of KPC in Scotland
Prof. Alistair Leanord
17:15 Treating KPC-producing Gram-negative infection- Lessons from the US
Prof. Ryan Shields
17:40 KPC in COVID times
Dr Louise Sweeney
18:00 Q&A
All speakers
18:15 Closing Remarks
Prof. Alistair Leanord

Speakers & Chairs

Prof. Alistair Leanord
Consultant Microbiologist, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow
Prof. Ryan Shields
Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh.
Dr Louise Sweeney
Consultant Microbiologist, Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Who should attend?

UK healthcare professionals only with an interest in infection and treatment pathways.
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Date of Preparation- February 2021.


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